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HealthCare IT:

Whether you are embarking upon, or already on the journey towards a Pathology shared service, LIMS deployment, Pathology modernisation or are facing blockers to your progress. Our team can provide the rapid progress you need to achieve your essential objectives.


We are the only specialist team in the UK with a proven history of delivering complex Pathology programmes at pace, be they in a stand-alone laboratory or a complex multi-acute shared service.

Our team provides an end-to-end solution covering:

•Laboratory operations

•Robust UKAS aligned testing

•Accelerated programme management

•Simplified integration across multiple sites and organisations.

Our team enjoys a 100% success rate of delivery across public and private sector programmes, including:

•Multiple NHS Shared Services & Private Laboratories

•COVID Lighthouse Labs Network

“Trust us to deliver on your promises”

Download our information pack here

Cyber Security:

Our team include highly experienced penetration testers, cyber essentials assessors, vulnerability management and incident response experts. We work with many large organisations to align their cyber security strategy, achieve CE, CE+, ISO27001 and mitigate security risk. 

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