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Letsignit, cloud-based email signature manager


The market’s leading email signature manager to easily create, allocate and manage signatures and banners in Office 365 & Google accounts all from a centralized interface. Letsignit turns emails into a strong and cost-effective communication tool.

Key Features

Create signatures from ready to use templates

Tested on the main browsers, customize images (profile picture, logo), links and social networks, import/create HTML code in Expert Mode, preview signatures with test emails.

User management

Add users manually, import users with a CSV file, Office 365 / Gsuite directory & AD local synchronization, track user information fulfillment rate, performance monitoring, signature placement mode tracking (API or App), directory’s custom fields synchronization


Manage Marketing & Communication campaigns with banners

Add campaign banners, priority management, schedule display dates, last tweet relay


Automatic signature insertion

On webmail via the Letsignit API™, in Outlook for Windows and Mac, on webmails for Outlook Online, Exchange and G Suite, on every mobile device via SMTP configuration, does not require administrator rights to install

Key Benefits

Simple tool, huge impact

A centralized interface to manage all your employees’ email signatures so that they no longer have to deal with signature-related issues.


Easy to use

Automatically push email signatures to each new email in Outlook (available for Mac & Windows, no administrator rights needed). Users can preview signatures before sending and also check/modify contact information. Plug & play: In one click, distribute email signatures on Office 365 webmail and on any mobile device.


Emails are gold mines

Empower your company & turn your email signature into a communication asset. Promote, plan and track marketing campaigns: with 121 emails received and 40 sent by an average employee everyday, email signatures represent gold mines.


Two offers depending on customer challenge

STARTER : Harmonize your signatures from templates and deploy them on your team email clients. BUSINESS : Design your signatures and manage marketing campaigns for your team email clients.

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